Mercedes-Benz Wall Box Charger: Home Charging

Mercedes-Benz Box Charger

Wondering, can you charge a Mercedes-Benz EV at home near Leawood? Yes, you can, thanks to the newly designed Mercedes-Benz wall box charger meant for EVs like the Mercedes-EQ. It’s fast and gets rid of the major hassles of charging electric vehicles. Learn more about the charger times of the Mercedes-Benz wall box charger and compare the Tesla home charger vs. Mercedes-Benz home charger. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for additional information about the wall box charger or the luxury Mercedes-Benz brand.

Mercedes-Benz Wall Box Charger: Charge Times 

Not only can Overland Park, KS drivers can charger their EV at home, but you can charge the battery from 10% to 80% in only 31 minutes. Charge time varies depending on how much charge is within the battery. Below is a closer look at the different charge times:

  • 10% to 80%: 31 minutes 
  • 20% to 80%: 25 minutes 
  • 40% to 80%: 18 minutes 
  • 60% to 80%: 10 minutes 

While these are some of the fastest home charging times, keep in mind that the last 20% (80% to 100%) takes longer to charge than the first 80% of the battery’s capacity.

Tesla Home Charger vs. Mercedes-Benz Home Charger 

We’ve compared the 2021 EQS RWD charge time with the Tesla Model S Plaid and 2021 Tesla Model 3 LR AWD to look at both the maximum charge power and average power distribution. While certain capacity intervals allow the Tesla models to charge faster, the Mercedes-Benz charger is much faster on average. Let’s take a further look below:

Tesla Model S Plaid

  • Max Charge Power (20% to 80%): 250 kW
  • Average Charge Power (20% to 80%): 130 kW
  • Average Charge Time (20% to 80%): 27 minutes 

Tesla Model 3 LR AWD

  • Max Charge Power (20% to 80%): 249 kW
  • Average Charge Power (20% to 80%): 94 kW
  • Average Charge Time (20% to 80%): 31 minutes 

Mercedes-Benz EQS RWD

  • Max Charge Power (20% to 80%): 207 kW 
  • Average Charge Power (20% to 80%): 155 kW
  • Average Charge Time (20% to 80%): 25 minutes 

Learn More About the Mercedes-Benz Wall Box Charger!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Mercedes-Benz wall box charger and how to charge your vehicle at home, we have you covered at Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. Feel free to contact our service center for additional information. We’re proud to offer helpful service tips to keep your luxury vehicle performing at its best for years to come.


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