Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City Service FAQ

Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City Service FAQ

Every elite new Mercedes-Benz and pre-owned luxury model on our lot offers premium quality and value, but there are some common service questions that arise. While customers and luxury owners with questions are always welcome to contact our sales or service department, we thought we would devote a page to answering a few of our most frequently asked questions. This Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City Service FAQ is designed to help you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.

Whether you need to know if your vehicle has a recall, the number for roadside assistance, or several other standard questions about the brands available here at Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City, we hope that this Service FAQ will help. For more complicated questions about your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle, be sure to schedule an appointment with our qualified and knowledgeable service team.

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How can I know if I have a recall on my vehicle?

If your vehicle has a recall, you should receive a letter from your vehicle’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) notifying you. Please read the letter carefully. Notification letters may be sent before parts and fixes for the recall are available at dealerships. Only schedule a service appointment if your notification letter directs you to do so. Vehicles can also be checked by VIN online at www.SaferCar.gov.

Will a recall affect my vehicle trade-in?

Recalls should not generally impact your trade-in value. Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City does not sell vehicles with open recalls, however we will accept them in a trade-in and perform the work prior to sale.

What transportation options are available during my service appointment?

For service visits less than an hour we recommend getting a ride from one of our courtesy shuttles or taking advantage of our luxurious waiting area. For services lasting longer than an hour, we have loaner vehicles available for customers who request one when they make an appointment in advance. Because of the high demand for loaners we cannot guarantee one will be available without an appointment.

What can I do if I called and cannot reach my service advisor?

Our service advisors are often with customers in the early morning and late afternoon. If you need to ask a question, we recommend leaving your service advisor a short voicemail. In an emergency, leave a message with our operators or scheduling team, and they will deliver it personally to the advisor.

What is the number for roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance numbers for our brands are:
  • Mercedes-Benz: 1.800.367.6372
  • Smart Car: 1.800.762.7887
  • Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vans: 1.877.762.8267
For vehicles outside of factory warranty, we recommend Lazer Tow. They can be reached at 816.763.2112.

Why is my tire pressure monitoring light on?

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are standard on many vehicles newer than the 2008 model year. If the vehicle’s tire pressure falls outside of a recommended range, the the TPMS light on the dash with turn on. This can happen during the Spring or Fall if the vehicle experiences a dramatic change in temperature. To turn off the TPMS light follow these simple steps:
  1. Pull into a gas station with an air compressor.
  2. Find the recommended tire pressures for your vehicle. It will be listed inside either the driver door or fuel-filler door.
  3. Adjust each tire to the recommended pressure using the air compressor and a tire gauge.
  4. If the TPMS does not turn off automatically when the vehicle senses the change in tire pressure, reset the vehicle’s dashboard menu.
Note: Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City customers are welcome to swing by the service drive and have us adjust their tire pressure if the TPMS has activated. This process only takes a couple of minutes, so an appointment is not necessary.

Where can I find a radio code for my vehicle?

Many older vehicles require a radio code if the unit is replaced or if the battery is disconnected. To simplify these requests, call us at 816.943.7000.

Can I drive my car if the check engine light is on?

When the check engine light comes on and is solid (not blinking), you should schedule an appointment immediately, but the vehicle is still generally safe to drive. If the check engine light is blinking, it signifies a more serious issue and the car will need to be towed in for service.

Do I need an appointment for service?

We recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure that an advisor is available to assist you. Appointments allow us to take care of your vehicle as quickly as possible and provide you the best transportation options during the service. However, if you are worried for the safety of your vehicle or feel that it is an emergency, please bring the vehicle in and we will do our best to accommodate. You can schedule online via our website here.