What is Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC®?

Black Mercedes Benz E-Class blue tech

Diesel vehicles are a very popular option in Europe, but nowadays, they are becoming a fan-favorite in the United States as well, due in part to the advanced diesel technology. When you choose a Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicle, you will be able to take advantage of BlueTEC® diesel. This clean technology is available with a model of your choice like a Mercedes-Benz SUV or Sprinter van. Dive deeper into how the BlueTEC® diesel systems function and help you to limit pollution-causing emissions, then come visit Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City to go on a test drive near Leawood!

What Does the Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® Do?

There’s been a significant increase in hybrid and electric models, but diesel vehicles are also becoming increasing in popularity in the Overland Park, KS-area because of their strong performance and excellent fuel efficiency. Mercedes BlueTEC® technology is built to improve performance and fuel economy while simultaneously reducing vehicle emissions for your diesel engine. Some of the BlueTEC® diesel engine components include:


The tech utilizes a proprietary liquid solution called AdBlue®. This solution converts nitrogen oxide to nitrogen and oxygen, which are less damaging than the original compound. The solution is stored in the spare wheel recess, from which it’s injected into the exhaust stream, and through the catalytic converter where it’s broken down and converted into the final bi-products. Additional power is also used through the turbocharger, and solve the problems associated with traditional diesel engines

Sprinter BlueTEC®: Benefits

There are a number of Mercedes-Benz hybrid options, so why choose a model like the Sprinter BlueTEC® model? Each model has fuel economy that’s about 6 to 8 miles per gallon higher than their gas powered equivalents. The clean diesel technology allows Stilwell, KS drivers to take advantage of the power that comes with diesel, all without hurting the environment. 


There is a great variety of Mercedes-Benz models that utilize BlueTEC® technology, and you won’t have to compromise on style. Whether you are looking for a Sprinter BlueTEC® option, Mercedes-Benz van, or another SUV you can utilize this Mercedes-Benz technology feature.

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You can check out some of the benefits of choosing a BlueTEC® diesel vehicle, one of the cleanest fuel-powered engines, on the Stilwell, KS roads by visiting the team at Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City. You can also take time to explore our special offers and feel free to contact us in the meantime with any questions!