Is it Better to Buy a New or Pre-Owned Car?

Car-buying paperwork

Are you ready to upgrade your vehicle? You’re probably wondering how new vs. pre-owned cars compare and which type is better suited for your driving needs and budget. We’re here to help walk you through the car-buying process in a stress- and hassle-free environment, starting with choosing between new and pre-owned vehicles.

New vs. Pre-Owned Cars: What are the Differences?

New Car Advantages

  • Newest Technology: Buying or leasing a new vehicle gives you access to advanced technologies and the latest features from the Mercedes-Benz brand.
  • Greater Fuel-Efficiency: Newer vehicles feature fewer V6 and V8 engines since they’re getting replaced with turbocharged motors designed for stronger fuel economy ratings.
  • Full Warranty Coverage: Your new vehicle comes protected by bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties covering most of its components for a certain amount of years and miles.

New Car Disadvantages

  • More Expensive: New cars cost more than pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles. Once the warranty ends, repairing the car can get expensive.

Pre-Owned Car Advantages

  • More Cost-Effective: Buying a pre-owned car is an excellent way to save money while still getting a quality vehicle the Mercedes-Benz brand is known for.
  • Slower Depreciation: The value of a new car diminishes as soon as you leave our Kansas City dealership. Pre-owned cars have already taken this initial depreciation hit, which means it loses value more slowly as it ages.
  • Less Chance for Negative Equity: Negative equity means you owe more on your car loan than the vehicle is worth. So, if the car is lost or totaled, you can pay for a vehicle that isn’t driveable.

Pre-Owned Car Disadvantages

  • Higher-Priced Financing: Lenders often charge higher interest rates on pre-owned car loans, leading to higher monthly payments. With that said, the price of the vehicle is lower, so the loan term could also be shorter.

Start Shopping With Us Today!

After comparing your options, check out our new and pre-owned virtual inventories to find the model that’s better suited for taking on your Overland Park, KS commute. Still on the fence between our new and pre-owned GLC models? Our team is standing by to walk you through the car-buying process and help get you the financial package that won’t exceed your budget. Apply for financing today, then give us a call to schedule your test drive.


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