Pairing A Phone With Your Mercedes-Benz

Technology is always advancing. As smartphones become ever more sophisticated, and luxury vehicles begin coming standard with better and better features, drivers are accustomed to being able to tap into the power of their phones in their vehicles. Whether you are in a basic car, or a luxurious Mercedes-Benz, the power that is available though phone connectivity is vast. However, this same technology at times can be confusing. Here at MB-KC, we decided to put together this page to help folks learn about the great technology they can take advantage of with their vehicle. Pairing a phone with your Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have to be a hassle and it can offer huge rewards.

There are different methods of pairing a phone with your Mercedes-Benz. Drivers with an iPhone may be able to take advantage of Apple CarPlay™. Those with any type of smartphone should be able to enjoy features like hands-free calling via Bluetooth® connectivity. And every new Mercedes-Benz comes with the elite mbrace® Connect system with allows new owners of these luxury vehicles to control select vehicle functions from the comfort of their phones. Which way of pairing a phone to your vehicle is best for you? Read more about each of these options below or contact a member of our team to explore the great connectivity options available on our luxury inventory.


Pairing a phone with your Mercedes-Benz can enable simple, hands-fee control. By pairing a Bluetooth® enabled smartphone to a vehicle, drivers are able to enjoy all of their technology combined into one user-friendly whole. You will have to make your phone discoverable via Bluetooth ®. Then, by pressing the Sys button and then going to Settings you will be able to activate Bluetooth® in your Mercedes-Benz. By then pressing Tel or choosing Phone on the main menu you will be able to find your individual phone by selecting Connect Dev and then Search for Phone From Vehicle. From there you should be able to follow on-screen directions to enjoy premium compatibility.

Apple CarPlay™

For iPhone users, pairing a phone to a Mercedes-Benz vehicle can be straightforward and offer many benefits, thanks to Apple CarPlay™ available in select models. This system links the infotainment system on select Mercedes-Benz vehicles with many of the apps and features of a compatible iPhone. Drivers with a paired phone will be able to make calls, dictate and listen to text messages, stream music, podcasts and audio books, and be able to use their phone’s navigation system. All of this functionality is integrated into the vehicle’s in-dash display, central controller, and steering-wheel buttons for premium ease-of-use.

mbrace® Connect

With mbrace® Connect (which is standard for five years with the purchase of a new 2016 or later Mercedes-Benz), drivers have unsurpassed access to their vehicle. From the convenience of the Mercedes me app, users of the mbrace® Connect interface are able to remotely lock, un-lock, or start their vehicles. Owners can also send navigation directions directly from their phones to the in-vehicle display and also simply contact their local Mercedes-Benz dealer for repairs and service. Dealerships can also retrieve vehicle diagnostic information. Pairing a phone with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle has never been easier.