Mercedes-Benz SUVs May Offer Tax Deduction

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Mercedes-Benz SUVs like the GLS, GLE and G-Class May Qualify for Tax Savings

How Section 179 Savings Could Work

If you and your business need a large vehicle before the end of the year, you may also be able to qualify for a vehicle depreciation deduction. Thanks to Section 179 of the United States tax code, a selection of SUVs weighing over 6,000 pounds purchased for business use may qualify for significant depreciation tax savings. While this tax offer may not work with your personal and business needs, it could save a luxury shopper significantly when it comes to tax time.

Several Mercedes-Benz SUVs may offer tax savings when purchased for business use before December 31, 2020. While in past years only 50 percent of depreciation could be included, thanks to tax code changes that has been increased to up to 100 percent of depreciation for qualified vehicles. Talk to your accountant to find out if this deduction makes sense for you and your business needs in 2020. Significant savings may be available for small and large businesses thanks to these offers.

What Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Qualify?

Several Mercedes-Benz SUVs may offer tax savings thanks to Section 179. The Mercedes-Benz GLS flagship SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLE and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class all meet the weight requirements for these business tax savings. While business owners interested in taking advantage of tax savings should talk to their licensed tax advisor, drivers wondering about the luxury and capability of a new Mercedes-Benz SUV can contact a representative at Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City or can explore our new Mercedes-Benz inventory.

Buying a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle before December 31, 2020 might save business owners money when they purchase for business needs, but thanks to the Winter Event all drivers may be able to save on the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz. You can explore our current new Mercedes-Benz inventory and offers below.