Charity/Community Outreach

We are proud to support organizations and causes that strengthen the entire Kansas City metropolitan community. By providing and participating in charity fundraisers and public events in our surrounding areas, we are able to improve the quality of service we provide our customers and the overall well-being of our community we know and love. Dedicated to making a positive impact, we contribute and host charity fundraisers with many leading organizations and amazing people throughout our community on a regular basis. While giving back to the community, our efforts are not only able to create an immediate positive impact, but they help support and build a solid foundation for years to come.


Some of the Charity and Fundraising Events We Support / Sponsor

Sleepyhead Beds:

Sleepyhead Beds was founded in 2010 where it set out with a simple mission, to provide a proper place to sleep for the children of the Kansas City metro area. Through volunteer efforts, Sleepyhead Beds collects gently used beds and bedding, sanitizes them, and delivers them to families in need. To support this effort, we regularly host bed drives and has even been able to help Sleepyhead Beds receive a $25,000 grant from Mercedes-Benz USA. By providing children places to sleep; something so basic, the children realize greater self-esteem, motivation, and a feeling of safety. Grades improve when a child has a bed to sleep in.

The Art of the Car Concours:

Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City along with our dealership are Presenting Sponsors in the

Annual Art of the Car Concours, which is held on the campus of the

Kansas City Art Institute. Bringing together car enthusiasts from

near and far, the Art of the Car Concours is a celebration of vehicles

as pieces of art. Proceeds funded by the Art of the Car Concours are than

donated to support local education by providing funds for the

KCAI Scholarship Foundation.


Harvester Community Food Bank:

Harvester Community Food Bank, the areas only food bank, has set out on a mission to feed hungry people and work to end hunger tomorrow. Supporting the efforts, we have hosted a separate “Food Truck Showdowns” at the dealership. By inviting the best local food trucks from the Kansas City area to set up and serve their delicious food in our parking lot, attendees are asked to bring donations with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Harvester Community Food Bank efforts since all food is provided by us.